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Core Values

by Steven Levenson

directed by Michael Mendelson


April 6-8 & 13-15 @ 7:30PM

April 16 @ 2PM

Performances will be at The Tiffany Center black box theater.

With the world around him changing at a dizzying pace, the owner of a small, struggling travel agency clings to the values he holds most dear: teamwork, loyalty and the incalculable importance of a good trust fall. It takes a weekend staff retreat, however, for him to realize that his team-building exercises won’t stave off the realities of a rapidly evolving marketplace. In a graying conference room, CEO Richard and three of his employees — Nancy, an ambitious salesperson with an ailing young son; Todd, the tech guy with poor phone skills; and Eliot, the new girl — are expected to review sales reports, perform trust exercises and set long-term goals for an increasingly uncertain future. Divorced single dad Richard, meanwhile, is just looking to keep his business — and himself — together.

For questions about this show and/or ticketing, please contact our Registrar, Erin Jackson, at erin@pac.edu.


CAST: The Class of 2023


Matthew Baldoni

Michaela Correlle


Michaela Correlle


Zigzag Rhae


Bobby Tramontina

Location of Performances

The Tiffany Center
711 SW 14th Avenue
Portland, OR 97205

The Tiffany Center