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Studio Program

Spring 2024 Studio Classes


Michael Mendelson, Artistic Director


We currently offer online evening and weekend classes via Zoom and/or in-person for patrons, theatre lovers and people invested in the arts who need a flexible schedule to study the craft of acting. Whether you’re new to acting, a working professional, a playwright, patron, or theater lover, the Studio Program offers a wide range of dynamic classes designed to meet your interests and needs.

Post-secondary credit is available for some classes and professional development (clock-hour) credit is available for all classes. If a more comprehensive immersion program is what you’re looking for, click here for information about our two-year Conservatory program.

Please note: Many of these courses are designed to be repeatable, emphasizing process, discovery and fluency.

Partial tuition grants are available. Apply here.

Class Levels

Level I

For those who are interested in exploring the fundamentals of the craft of acting.

Those with no acting experience will find this is just the place for personal growth and development, whether polishing communication skills, overcoming shyness or just gaining a little spontaneity in their lives. There’s no pressure in our classes; it’s all about relaxing and enjoying the acting experience—and making new friends along the way.

Level II

For those who have taken Acting I or the equivalent and are interested in broadening and deepening acting skills.

Most students find​ that they gain confidence in their first acting class and want to try another session. Others with previous acting experience may just want to hone their skills. For these students, it’s time to move on to the next level or maybe add monologue work, film or improv to the mix.

Level III

For those with a grasp of the fundamentals and some performance experience and are curious about exploring deeper possibilities.

At this stage, serious students have the opportunity to repeat a favorite class or go on to the most advanced level—which will complete their training in the adult program. Then, with a solid acting foundation, they may choose to audition for The Studio Acting Intensive Program or the two-year Conservatory Program for career-minded actors.


For all levels of experience and the general public.


Intermediate Scene Study (Spring) - Connection and Character

*This class is full. Please email mmendelson@pac.edu to be added to the wait list.*

Note: This class will be offered in-person at The Tiffany Center – 1410 SW Morrison St. Suite 501 (5th floor)​

May 7 – June 25, Tuesdays (7 classes) *No class on May 21st*
6:30pm – 9:00pm

Instructor: Sarah Lucht
Who is this class for: Level II or III
Prerequisite: Acting Foundations or equivalent class or performance experience
Cost: $250

This eight-week course will focus on the exploration of scenes from modern (20th and 21st century), realistic plays, assigned by the instructor. This class will emphasize tactics for connection and character revelation, contact with the actors’ emotional life, as well as in-depth text analysis of the assigned scenes. Students will develop their listening and responding skills, apply Stanislavski’s fundamentals, and engage with the art and craft of acting while expanding their own range of expression and creativity.

Some outside work will be required.

TA110b: 1 Unit Credit
Professional Development Clock-Hour Credit Available

Enrollment capacity: 8

Advanced Scene Study (Spring)- The Intimate Scene

Note: This class will be offered in-person at The Tiffany Center – 1410 SW Morrison St. Suite 501 (5th floor)​

April 22, 29
May 6, 20, 27
June 3, 10
Mondays (7 classes)
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Instructor: Michael Mendelson (with guest instructor Amanda Vander Hyde)
Who is this class for: Level III
Prerequisite: Interview/conversation with the instructor
Cost: $250

This is a 6-week course that will explore the intricacies of intimacy work in scene study. This is a process class for intermediate and advanced actors. This class will not only focus on the nuts-and-bolts of scene study but primarily focus on the moments of intimacy in our work. reading through the moment or moments, understanding the story being told, choreographing the intimate work and finally playing it. We are always working off of what our scene partner is offering while engaging the actor’s imagination with a strong belief in the given imaginary circumstances. We will spend time exploring a visceral “impulse-response” and the implications and impact that has on the emotional life of the scene. That said, the work of the intimate moment never changes. It is an agreed upon moment that we will find together.

Some outside work will be required.

To register, please email Michael Mendelson at mmendelson@pac.edu to set up a prerequisite interview.

Enrollment capacity: 8

Make 'Em Laugh (Spring) - Acting Comedy

Note: This class will be offered in-person at The Tiffany Center – 1410 SW Morrison St. Suite 502 (5th floor)​

May 13, 20, 27
June 3, 10, 17
Mondays (6 classes)
6:30pm – 9:00pm

Instructor: Darius Pierce
Who is this class for: Everybody
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $230

This six-week course will focus on comedic scene study and monologues. Students will have the opportunity to work on two comedic scenes (assigned by the instructor) and one comedic monologue (selected by the student). This class will explore script analysis for comedy, finding individual comedic rhythms and sensibilities, and grounding performances in traditional scene and character work in order to find comedic potential.

Some outside work will be requested.


Enrollment capacity: 8

On Camera

Bringing Yourself to the Tape (Spring) - Self-Taping Audition Technique

Note: This class will be offered in-person at The Tiffany Center – 1410 SW Morrison St. Suite 502 (5th floor)​

June 4 – July 23, Tuesdays (8 classes)
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Instructor: Angie Tennant
Who is this class for: Everybody
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $200

This 8-week course offers students the opportunity to develop their on-camera acting skills, specifically focusing on self-tape auditions. Actors will be assigned audition sides from TV and Film screenplays, then work with those texts to build fundamental skills in script analysis. Students will learn how to bring themselves to a role, and practice crafting an arc for the scene. Through in-class taping and some outside preparation, students will gain a practical toolset that they can carry into their own auditions including blocking for the camera, prop usage, and visual storytelling. Upon completion, each actor will have access to their in-class tapes that they can then use for their own promotional materials.


Enrollment capacity: 10

Stage Combat

Let’s Fight! - Intro to Stage Combat (Spring)

Note: This class will be offered in-person at The Tiffany Center – 1410 SW Morrison St. Suite 501 (5th floor)​

April 20 – May 25, Saturdays (6 classes)
10:00am – 12:00pm

Instructor: Kristen Mun-Van Noy
Who is this class for: Everybody
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $210

Intro to stage combat is the exciting exploration of how to tell stories through stage combat. In this class we will go over the basics of unarmed stage combat, which will cover the skills needed to fall safely, communicate with your scene partner, and every variation of the stage slap. Then we will evolve those skills and explore how to fight with (stage) knives and found objects.

Training will cover these weapons: Unarmed, Knife (provided by instructor), Found objects


Enrollment capacity: 8


The Intimate Connection (Spring)

Note: This class will be offered in-person at The Tiffany Center – 1410 SW Morrison St. Suite 501 (5th floor)​

May 20, Monday *ONE DAY WORKSHOP*
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Instructor: Amanda Vander Hyde
Who is this class for: Everybody
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $35

Ever wonder what encompasses staged theatrical intimacy and its process? Join Amanda Vander Hyde as she discusses her work as an Intimacy Choreographer and how she works to create risk-aware and consensual artistic spaces. This encompasses cultivating a culture of care and promoting holistic resiliency practices so artists can continue their work in an ethical and efficient way. 

This workshop will include:

1) How to build risk-aware and consensual artistic spaces

2) Discussion of power dynamics and why artists struggle to say no

3) Applied exercises to cultivate physical and emotional personal boundaries

4) Building and acquiring self-care and resiliency tools

5) Advocacy tools for various points of the rehearsal process 

Amanda has training through Theatrical Intimacy Education and Intimacy Directors and Choreographers. She is also a certified Artistic Mental Health Practitioner and trained in Mental Health First Aid.


Enrollment capacity: 20

Location of Classes

The Actors Conservatory @ the Tiffany Center
1410 SW Morrison St. (5th Floor)
Portland, OR 97205

The Actors Conservatory @ the Tiffany Center