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Studio Program

Fall 2022 Studio Classes


Please send proof of vaccination to Karen Rathje at karen@pac.edu before the first day of class.
Please read our COVID safety rules for The Actors Conservatory to ensure the health and safety of students and faculty.


Karen Rathje, Managing Director


We currently offer online evening and weekend classes via Zoom and/or in-person for patrons, theatre lovers and people invested in the arts who need a flexible schedule to study the craft of acting. Whether you’re new to acting, a working professional, a playwright, patron, or theater lover, the Studio Program offers a wide range of dynamic classes designed to meet your interests and needs.

Post-secondary credit is available for some classes and professional development (clock-hour) credit is available for all classes. If a more comprehensive immersion program is what you’re looking for, click here for information about our two-year Conservatory program.

Please note: Many of these courses are designed to be repeatable, emphasizing process, discovery and fluency.

Partial tuition grants are available. Apply here.

Class Levels

Level I

For those who are interested in exploring the fundamentals of the craft of acting.

Those with no acting experience will find this is just the place for personal growth and development, whether polishing communication skills, overcoming shyness or just gaining a little spontaneity in their lives. There’s no pressure in our classes; it’s all about relaxing and enjoying the acting experience—and making new friends along the way.

Level II

For those who have taken Acting I or the equivalent and are interested in broadening and deepening acting skills.

Most students find​ that they gain confidence in their first acting class and want to try another session. Others with previous acting experience may just want to hone their skills. For these students, it’s time to move on to the next level or maybe add monologue work, film or improv to the mix.

Level III

For those with a grasp of the fundamentals and some performance experience and are curious about exploring deeper possibilities.

At this stage, serious students have the opportunity to repeat a favorite class or go on to the most advanced level—which will complete their training in the adult program. Then, with a solid acting foundation, they may choose to audition for The Studio Acting Intensive Program or the two-year Conservatory Program for career-minded actors.


For all levels of experience and the general public.


Acting Foundations – Beginning/Intermediate Level

Note: This class will be offered in-person at Goldsmith Blocks – 412 NW Couch Street, Suite 301

October 17 – December 5, Mondays (8 classes)
6:30pm – 9:30pm

Instructor: Andrea White & Sarah Lucht
Who is this class for: Level I or II
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $275

Are you the curious type? Do you want to explore the fundamentals of acting? Or do you have previous training, but are just feeling a little rusty? Maybe you want to get to know yourself just a little better? If so, our Acting For Real acting course is a great place to explore. You will develop or deepen the fundamental acting tools we use as the foundation for all of our courses at The Actors Conservatory: living truthfully under imaginary circumstances, saying yes to your impulses, investing in playing an authentic action to, for and with your acting partner. Reciprocity is a core value at The Actors Conservatory. This class will be an entry into an exciting and safe environment to explore the possibilities of YOU.

Co-taught by TAC faculty Andrea White and Sarah Lucht, this class is designed to acquaint both the beginning and intermediate actor with the concepts of knowing and using the self in our work, living truthfully (as Sanford Meisner said) in imaginary circumstances, and applying these concepts directly to scene work from contemporary, realistic plays by American playwrights. Mastery of the craft of acting is an ongoing, ever-evolving process which must take into account the development of the actor as a human being, over time. This class is meant to serve as both an introduction to and deeper dive into the actor’s process and is all for all experience levels.

Some outside work will be required.

Register Here

TA110a: 1 Unit Credit
Professional Development Clock-Hour Credit Available

Enrollment capacity: 12

Acting III – Advanced Scene Study


*This class is full. Please contact Karen Rathje at karen@pac.edu to be added to the waitlist.*


Note: This class will be offered in-person at Goldsmith Blocks – 412 NW Couch Street, Suite 301

September 13 – November 1, Tuesdays (8 classes)
6:30pm – 9:30pm

Instructor: Michael Mendelson
Who is this class for: Level III
Prerequisite: Acting II or equivalent
Cost: $325

Advanced Scene Study is an 8-week course that will explore the intricacies of scene study. ​This is a process class for the advanced actor. This class will begin by exploring some basic acting exercises and techniques, then move onto a nuts-and-bolts look at scene study. Our focus will be on defining beats, exploring relationship, moment-to-moment work, spatial relationship, needs/wants and intentions. We are always working off of what our scene partner is offering while engaging the actor’s imagination with a strong belief in the given imaginary circumstances. We will spend time exploring a visceral “impulse-response” and the implications and impact that has on the emotional life of the scene.

Some outside work will be required.

TA110c: 1 Unit Credit
Professional Development Clock-Hour Credit Available

Enrollment capacity: 10


Improvisation Lab

**This class is full. To get a reminder about the next Impro Lab session, please contact Karen Rathje at karen@pac.edu.**


Note: This class will be offered in person at Goldsmith Blocks – 412 NW Couch Street, Suite 301

September 25, October 16, November 6, November 20, December 4, December 11
Sundays (6 Classes)

2:00pm – 5:00pm
*There are six classes. You may sign up for all six or you may sign up for four classes and attend any four classes on dates that you select.*

Instructor: Theresa Robbins Dudeck
Who is this class for: Level II or III
Prerequisite: Improvisation I or equivalent
All 6 classes: $135 OR
Any 4 classes of your choice: $110 *Notice of your selections is not required.*

Are you eager to work out your improvisation muscles and to develop some new impro skills? The Improvisation Lab will offer improvisers (Level II and up) an opportunity to dive into impro methods that develop the imagination, range of expression, agility, willingness to take risks and harness the power of uncertainty and skills for creating compelling performances (scripted and unscripted), stories, and unique characters. This workshop is not only for improvisers but for artists and makers (actors, directors, writers, educators, entrepreneurs, etc.) who are interested in bringing an improvisation mindset and more spontaneity and play into their creative, collaborative processes.

Register for 6 Classes Register for 4 Classes

Professional Development Clock-Hour Credit Available

Enrollment capacity: 12

Location of Classes

The Actors Conservatory @ the Tiffany Center
711 SW 14th Ave.
Portland, OR 97205

The Actors Conservatory @ the Tiffany Center