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Campus Culture


Creating a safe space for all students


The Actors Conservatory is committed to all of our students safety and well being.  We have on staff a full time Title IX Coordinator who will help our students and staff stay in compliance with safety policies and procedures.


Accident Reporting

In the event of any injury sustained on TAC property an Accident/ Injury Report can be submitted through contacting our Administration Office at (503) 274-1717.


Reporting an Issue

Students are encouraged to seek help from Portland Actors Conservatory’s Title IX Coordinator, Erin Jackson.

Sexual Harassment Policies

Students who experience harassment or any other misconduct should report the incident or problem to the Administration Office at (503) 274-1717.


Student complaint resolution process

TAC emphasizes the use of informal resolution for all disputes. TAC recognizes the importance of providing due process for all parties involved in these matters. If the student’s grievance cannot be resolved through informal discussion, the student may initiate a formal grievance by completing a Student Grievance Form, which can be found in the Administration Office.

​Students aggrieved by action of the school should attempt to resolve these problems with appropriate school officials. Should this procedure fail students may contact: Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission, Private Career Schools, 3225 25th Street SE Salem, OR 97302​. After consultation with appropriate Department staff and if the complaint alleges a violation of Oregon Revised Statutes 345.010 to 345.470 or standards of the Oregon Administrative Rules 715-045-0001 through 715-045-0210, the Department will begin the complaint investigation process as defined in OAR 715-045-0023 Appeals and Complaints.